Friday, February 6, 2009

Hi! Welcome to Art in Boyertown

Welcome to Boyertown! Welcome to Studio B, the home of the Arts and Activities Alliance. We're so excited to have a presence in Boyertown, this very special kind of place. And how perfect--right beside Boyertown's favorite eatery--the Grill Shop, home of the Royal Order of Raccoons and the Boyertown branch office of Stahl Marketing. And we're right across the street from Queen Jane's Bause's Super Drug Store.
We're in the middle of our second show The Farm which attracted 50 artists from the Boyertown area, Reading, Lancaster...and beyond. The quality of art is so impressive and so diverse in style and medium. Very exciting. And.......we had wall-to-wall people at our opening reception for 3 hours! 
Best: One of Boyertown's favorite sons--Dave Larson took Best in Show; our juror had no idea he was a Boyertown artist. There's such great talent in this area that we've just begun to attract.
Our first show attracted over 500 people during Boyertown's annual Holiday Open House Tour. We invited our Arts and Activities committee members to exhibit, the "principals" in getting the studio up and running, and those who'd participated in the first year of A&AA to exhibit. Very exciting.
It's like Field of Dreams: build it and they will come. Folks have been so positive about the studio and our efforts. Very much like the response to Bear Fever. 
But, just think about it: we're only 3 months into this studio...someday I'll share the stories about renovating this place and the history behind the effort. The energy has been amazing! 
Gotta go now. Tonight's a reception for art teachers in the area; we're looking for their assistance in connecting with "natural talents" in their classes for a student show in March. We'll exhibit photography show after that. Spread the word! Come visit us! 

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